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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Program Duration

Domestic: 52 Weeks
International: 64 Weeks

2024 Start Dates

Classes are available to start every month


Graduate Diploma


Mon – Thu: 9:00am – 3:30pm
Fri: 9:00am – 2:00pm

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Diploma

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology diploma is a program that provides education, intensive hands-on training, extensive GMP compliance skills, and troubleshooting techniques, through a series of learning modules developed to enable a practical understanding of the various pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures.

Drug manufacturing is a complex process which requires the expertise of highly trained professionals. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology program prepares students to ensure this process is completed to the highest possible standard across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, food, cosmetics, and other life-science industries.

In just over one year, you can gain the specialized knowledge and practical skills for a lucrative and rewarding career in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry. Not only will you learn the theoretical knowledge needed to work in pharmaceutical manufacturing, you will get to put these ideas into practice in TIPT’s GMP-approved pilot plant, as you process various pharmaceutical dosage forms.

While the primary emphasis is on solid dosage forms, a substantial amount of time is also spent on liquids, creams and packaging. You will acquire knowledge of North American drug manufacturing standards and GMP procedures and practices for medicines.

Program Highlights
  • Very high job placement in pharmaceutical companies
  • GMP-focused practical training
  • Industry relevant experience during training
  • Training in Health Canada-licensed facility
  • Transferable skills to other industries
Foundation Module

The Foundation module is designed to provide a theoretical introduction to essential pharmaceutical sciences, manufacturing techniques, basic regulatory affairs and current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Students also acquire an understanding of the scientific principles of drug manufacturing, as well as the law and ethics that govern the industry.

Granulation Technology

Upon completion of this module, students are exposed to full GMP compliance in a state-of-the-art pilot plant where they acquire hands-on expertise in granulation and compounding. In addition, this hands-on component fosters teamwork, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills to operate and maintain equipment under minimal supervision.

Compression Technology

In this module, students gain an in-depth understanding of compression science, as well as the critical aspects involved in tablet making. While integrating GMP compliance, particular emphasis is given to the technical skills required for equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Coating Technology

Coating technology students acquire an understanding of the scientific principles of coating processes, micro-encapsulation and the ability to identify and correct coating defects. Upon completion, valuable hands-on experience is gained with different coating systems in our pilot manufacturing plant.

Capsulation Technology

The capsulation technology module provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various equipment, filling mechanisms, and properties of materials suitable for encapsulation.

Examination & Continuous Assessment

Written, oral and practical examinations are mandatory at the end of each module. In addition, the overall grade is also based on continuous assessments encompassing GMP compliance, pharmaceutical documentation skills and interim quizzes.

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of all five modules.


Certificate options are available within the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing program. Students may obtain a certificate in:

  • Granulation Technology
  • Compression Technology
  • Capsulation Technology
  • Coating Technology
  • Semi-Solid Technology


The Foundation and Granulation modules are compulsory for each certificate option. The Foundation, Granulation and Compression modules are compulsory for the Coating Technology certificate.

A unique and highly successful aspect of our program is the Integrated Co-op – our hands-on approach that provides students with the opportunity to apply and integrate their knowledge in a “real-world” work setting under GMP. You will receive practical experience in a one-of-kind GMP approved pilot plant where you will process and understand the processing of various pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Throughout the program, various practical projects expose the student to pharmaceutical industry formulations and documentation systems and lets students apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world work setting.

International students also complete a 12 week co-op internship as part of their program completion and graduation requirements.

Admissions Requirements
Program Fees

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Financial aid may available for those who qualify. Learn about OSAP & financing.

Schedule Options

Students can complete this program with the following scheduling options:

  • Full-time: weekly daytime classes, completed in 52 weeks.
  • Flex: full-time classes on evenings & weekends, completed in 52 weeks.
  • Flex+: part-time classes over a longer duration.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology- TIPT

From the Classroom to your Career

The career paths of our graduates lead them to high-paying jobs in various industries including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, advanced-drug delivery, medical devices, food, cosmetics, natural product, nutraceutical and other life science industries.

Graduates of this program secure employment in positions such as a:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician
  • Pharmaceutical Production Technician
  • In-process Testing Technician
  • Process Validation Technician
  • Tableting Technician
  • Compounding Technician
  • GMP Compliance Officer