TIPT is the leading institute in North America for hands-on, practical, and career-focused pharmaceutical training programs. Our experienced faculty teaches within our state-of-the-art, Health Canada-licensed GMP facilities where students benefit from the professional atmosphere that mirrors real industry environments. Explore our diploma and certificate courses below.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Program - TIPT

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology diploma is a program that provides education, intensive hands-on training, extensive GMP compliance skills, and troubleshooting techniques.

Research & Development Technology
The Research and development program at TIPT

The Pharmaceutical Research & Development diploma is a program that teaches the theoretical knowledge needed to assist in the development and creation of innovative drug products.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Workers ensuring quality assurance and quality control at tipt

The Quality Assurance & Quality Control diploma is a program that teaches how to develop, monitor, and oversee measures that assures control, reproducibility and reliability of manufacturing and testing processes.

Regulatory Affairs
A photo of the pharmaceutical regulatory affairs program for TIPT

The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs diploma is a program that provides a practical understanding of the regulatory approval and communication processes involving pharmaceutical and biotechnology drugs as well as natural health products and medical devices.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Showing how the Liquid Chromatography Program works at TIPT

The High Performance Liquid Chromatography certificate is an intensive course in HPLC instrumentation, method development and validation, and operating & troubleshooting equipment.

Quality Control Analyst Certificate
Students studying for the quality control analysit program

The Pharmaceutical Quality Control Analyst Certificate diploma is a hands-on pharmaceutical analysts program that combines applied chemistry with specific in-depth training in pharmaceutical industry drug analysis.