What is the Role of Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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The pharmaceutical industry encompass a wide and varied range of specialities, but one consistent element is the role of chemistry in each part of the pharmaceutical sciences. It is no surprise that individuals with a background in chemistry find themselves drawn to this industry, based on the multitude of areas their expertise and knowledge can be applied.

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry whereby knowledge of organic compounds is used to inform research and further the discovery, research and development of new medicines. This is the reason why people with a degree specializing in organic chemistry find it useful and practical to supplement their knowledge with dedicated training within the pharmaceutical research and development field, so they can combine these two fields to become true specialists in the intersection of organic chemistry and drug development.

Computational Chemistry

Computational chemistry is a speciality that contributes to the design of drugs as well as the drug discovery process by helping to design and study molecular structures and chemical compounds that are used as the foundation of new medicines.

Analytic Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is an ideal background when working on pharmaceutical quality assurance and quality control due to this speciality having a breadth of knowledge that can be applied to ensuring the safety, stability, and efficacy of drugs and medicines.

There is also a strong connection between analytic chemistry and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), one of the most important analytical procedures in the drug development process. Their ability to perform complex analytical processes coupled with the skillset of managing hands-on testing means that those with an analytical chemistry background can find the addition of an HPLC certification to be a huge asset to their professional prospects.


It is clear that chemistry can play a critical role in almost every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry, which is why so many TIPT students enter our programs with a Bachelors of Science degree with a chemistry focus. The industry is always in need of talented individuals with rounded educations that encompasses the blend of a traditional four-year degree with a specialized training in a certain pharmaceutical field. Discover what programs can compliment your Bachelor of Science!


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