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  1. Md. Naim Hasan

    I am a pharmacist. I am working in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 Years in the Quality Assurance department. Initially, I have worked in the IPQC section which is in process control of intermediate and bulk products. I have to perform the in-process inspection of solid products(Tablet, Capsule, PFS, Sachet)& Liquid dosages form( SVP, SVP, Oral), also Semisolid dosages form. I have managed all types of samples from intermediate and bulk stages and along with the retention sample. Then I have to work in the documentation section. I have work in the QMS section of the QA Department and performed the following activities like change control, Deviation management, CAPA, Internal Audite, and Recall for at least three years. Now I am working in the validation department. My core responsibility is to perform the cleaning validation, Hold t time study. I have training on PDE value preparation.

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