Industrial Collaboration

Strong Successful Research Partnerships.

TIPT has established several successful industrial collaborations with emphasis on translational research addressing the priorities of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. Through collaborative research and contract services we offer our corporate and institutional clients flexibility, cost-effectiveness and professional delivery.

Most recent collaborations include:

Industry Partner Type of Collaboration
Sick Kids Hospital, Canada Formulation Development
University of Kupio, Finland Drug Discovery
DCPC, Beijing, China Formulation Development
Orx Pharmaceutical, Canada Drug Delivery
AMS Long Island University Academic
University of Guelph Formulation Development
University of Toronto Formulation Development
Zhenghou University, China Academic
GlaxoSmithKline, Canada Training
Patheon Inc., Canada Training
Teva, Canada Training


Sample ImageThe Desk of Sir Frederick Banting
Winner of the 1923 Nobel Prize (with John Macleod)

The discovery of Insulin is one of the most celebrated breakthroughs in the history of medicine. Not only does Insulin have immense clinical value-saving lives of millions of diabetics- but the collaborative academic-industrial efforts that took Insulin from a risky, experimental drug to a safe, commercial product within two years remain a source of inspiration for the Research Group at the TIPT.