Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid & Education Funding Options

Sample Image Financing your future career is one of the most important issues for students. In order to achieve your goal of becoming a pharmaceutical professional, it is important that you undertake proper planning and utilize helpful assistance in preparing for funding the cost of your education and training.


Federal and provincial student loans may be arranged to assist with the cost of tuition, school supplies, living expenses and transportation. Financial assistance may be available for students who qualify to supplement the financial resources you have, based on an assessment of financial need established by the federal and/or provincial governments. Options for assistance that may be available to you include:

Use the links to obtain further information about the Canada/Ontario student loan process.
Financial assistance is available to qualified applicants. To determine your eligibility, please arrange an appointment with our Financial Aid Officer by us at (416) 296-8860 ext. 223 or email: There are a number of financing options available to you. Some of the most common ones are summarized here for your convenience.

Ontario Second Career Strategy

Second Career is a newly created Ontario government program designed to assist unemployed workers attend long-term training to help them make the transition to new careers. If you qualify, the Ontario government will provide funding towards tuition, living and transportation costs.